We believe

We believe in visualization.

Visual representations have the power to stimulate networked thinking and thereby gain a deeper understanding of information.

We believe that we do a meaningful job with a social value. 

The best ideas arise from a real need.

We believe in working with real data from day one.

The key to making complexity understandable is understanding complexity. 

We believe in our own methods. 

Our approach is in constant development, consisting of a set of unique tools which adapt modularly to each task.

We believe in transparency in data and communication.

Clarity and understanding are our product.

We believe in interactive and playful potential. 

Both analogue and digital canvasses should be explored where they make sense.

We believe in a small, focused, talented team.

Direct communication, minimal project management allow us to be creative, flexible and efficient.

We believe in pen and paper. 

Our analogue methods decelerate work, accelerating quality.

We believe in the unexplored.

It is our job to have empathy for overlooked data and information and reveal its value. 

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