Visualization of business plans and strategies for gastronomy

The Client









The Challenge

The Age-Stiftung is committed to the topic of housing in old age. For their annual publication "Age-Dossier" we develop a visual language to explain the role of gastronomy in settlement planning. From different types of gastronomy and planning phases, to site analysis and calculation of operating costs and revenues, the aim is to visually explain a wide variety of aspects.

The Outcome

Six graphics on very different issues convey the diversity of scientific facts with a unified visual language. Inspired by settlement plans and architectural sketches, we show all the information as a spatial interplay of buildings, streets and people moving around between them. The three-dimensional visual language can be applied not only to spatial information, but also to complex issues.

The Impact

Conveying complex information in such a way that it does not seem daunting or incomprehensible is a major challenge. But if it succeeds, then a larger target group can be sensitized to difficult issues and informed in a factual way. In this project, our infographics can contribute to the conception of gastronomic offers with a functioning business plan in future housing projects, where young and old can meet.

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