Visual chatbot coach for online retailers

The Client

Swiss Post

Visual chatbot coach for online retailers



#information desgin





The Challenge

Filling out questionnaires is boring? Not with the visual e-commerce chatbot coach from Swiss Post. In 2017, we were commissioned with the digital implementation of a complex questionnaire for potential e-commerce merchants. The goal of the questions was to advise the customers in a needs- and customer-centric way and to put together a suitable visualized offer for them.

The Outcome

We have automated the initial personal interview in a playful way with a visual chatbot. Based on the user's answers, an entertaining conversation develops with the virtual coach in German, French, Italian, or English. The coach not only asks questions but also provides valuable tips that can be collected in a shopping cart. The interface combines the look of classic chatbots with an icon-based design system. At the end of the conversation, a visualized summary is made available for download.

The Impact

Thanks to the underlying logic of the chat, customers receive information and helpful tips that are relevant to them. In addition, they receive all results as a personalized, visually designed summary as a pdf. As a result of the chatbot, the number of inquiries for the Post advisory service has risen significantly. The website was online from 2017 to 2019.

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