Playful digital questionnaire for children on children's rights

The Client

Unicef Switzerland and a scientific advisory group from FHS St.Gallen

unicef digital playful questionnaire by superdot studio








The Challenge

Empower children in Switzerland, aged between 9 and 15, to digitally answer over 100 questions on child well-being in a survey developed by scientists.

The Outcome

A web-based survey with playful question types, illustrations, emoticons and a lot of background logic to shorten the number of questions and allow an easy handling of the complex topic. With an interface that allows all the scientific requirements of an evaluation of the results with SPSS.

The Impact

Over 1500 children at selected Swiss schools have so far answered the questionnaire. When asked how much they liked the questionnaire, 75% of the children interviewed rewarded us with four or five stars from a possible five.