Scrollitelling cloud service infographic as explanation of the complex product portfolio

The Client

Innofield (today

Superdot Innofield infographic microsite








The Challenge

Support Innofield in the communication of a very specific product proposition and structure the arguments into easily digestible and clear visualization modules.

The Outcome

A storytelling microsite with an isometric landscape that tells the story from a big picture down to the last detail. At each step of the explanation, textual details are displayed on demand and enhanced with subtle animations. The graphics are also vector-based and allow maximum quality at any screen size.

The Impact

The vector-based modular graphics make it possible to display complex content on different screen sizes without loss of quality and thus open up a huge range for creative design jobs in the field of information design. With the "Overview First, Details von Demand" principle, every target audience can be enabled to understand strategic corporate content in a simplified and clear way.