Gamification of Survey Results on E-Commerce trends

The Client

The Swiss Post

Gamification of Survey Results on E-Commerce trends for swiss post by Superdot Studio



#information desgin





The Challenge

How can we communicate dry survey results in an exciting and visually attractive way? Swiss Post has conducted a survey on e-commerce behavior over several years with over 10,000 participants. Swiss Post's digital e-commerce trend indicator is designed to communicate the extensive study results in an accessible and playful way.

The Outcome

We turned the analyzed survey results into estimation questions to make them more playful. This way, website visitors can guess for each question which the most frequently mentioned answer of the survey participants was. For each answer choice, there is an individually designed visualization. After each guess, the actual distribution of answers is shown so that the accuracy of the data is not lost. At the end of the game, the entire survey results are downloadable as a presentation.

The Impact

Through the visually supported gamification of the survey, we achieved a very high acceptance and visibility of the results. To appreciate allows the users to create a personal connection to the data. This makes the survey results more memorable. The personal score at the end of the survey motivates users to play the survey game again. The first version was released in 2015 and has been updated several times with new survey results.

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