Multi-year series of data visualizations as infographic on the Swiss egg market

The Client

Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG







The Challenge

The Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture commissioned us to create a playful, attractive and fact-based visualization of the value chain of the Swiss egg market. The challenge we set ourselves was to create a visual branded grammar that would work for years and would also be suitable for other topics in agriculture.

The Outcome

The central part of the infographic are the four steps of the value-added chain. From there we draw different ‘side stories’ such as conditions for different production methods, distribution and size of breeding farms, and international comparison about egg consumption. For the look and feel, we chose the isometric view as this allowed us to accurately display volumes and sizes in an understandable and attractive way.

The Impact

This project is the perfect showcase that proves the impact of long-term data visualisation. A systematic visual language gets more attention over the years, lowers production costs, remains timeless in aesthetics and ensures increasing visitor numbers overall. We have been updating the graphics for six years, always following the same principle. The result is a beautiful series of six posters as six contemporary witnesses of growing egg consumption.

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