Data visualization for annual healthcare report

The Client

Department of Health Canton Basel-Stadt

superdot studio healthcare annual report alluvial diagram data viz visualization








The Challenge

Communicate healthcare trends with data visualization in an annual report. What treatments are most needed by the population? Which hospitals are there and how many treatments do they do per year? What about the specialization of the different hospitals and how are they developing?

The Outcome

The complex topic is illuminated from two perspectives. The size ratios of hospitals and their share in the various treatments are visible in a networked alluvial diagram. The change in the areas of activity of hospitals over time is made clear by two-divided circles. The two different visual approaches are held together by a common color code.

The Impact

Size relationships and correlations in complex numbers can be grasped at first glance through visualization. At second glance further levels of information can be accessed and the data can be examined in detail. The innovative visualizations from the annual report can also be further used as social media content and for presentations.

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