User interface design system for a sustainable development goals data platform

The Client

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Superdot Studio User interface design system for the sustainable development goals, SDG data platform. #WeloveSDGs, Supported by Road2Bern, Bundesamt für Statistik Schweiz

#united nations

#UX / #UI 








The Challenge

To dock onto a long-running website project under the existing technical limitations and to help to create a more attractive data storytelling platform together with the data scientists.

The Outcome

A user interface concept with a holistic visual grammar, which takes into account all criteria of statistical accuracy, expands the branding of United Nations in the field of diagrams and offers users a joyful experience.

The Impact

From a small side project with a limited budget, the project gained positive attention within the larger United Nation and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

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