Playful data-generated design campaign for a music festival

The Client

BScene, das Basler Musikfestival

Teaser Playful data-generated design campaign for a music festival

#design system

#data visualization

#generative design

#communication design

#visual design

#visual identity

The Challenge

The BScene Music Festival is a two-day music festival that takes place in various clubs and concert venues in Basel, Switzerland. The festival features local bands and attracts about 8000 music lovers each year. In our collaboration with BScene we created the visual identity and campaign for 2013.

The Outcome

Superdot's idea was to communicate the festival programme with a data-oriented visual language. Through the analysis of the programme we discovered that with nine different locations and tight time schedules, visitors would be engaged in some serious decision making. With this in mind, we refined our approach towards a data visualization that enriches the festival poster with an elaborate visual system bring together locations, date, time and bands.

The Impact

A brainstorming workshop with the BScene committee led to the definition of data-driven, abstract, triangular forms representing diverse possible performances. The color stands for the date, the angle for the opening time, one of the adjacent edges for the size of the club, and the other for the size of the band. Based on this visual language, we designed all communication materials for BScene: two kinds of posters – one for festival locations and one for billboards, flyer, armbands, tickets, a video trailer and festival goods such as coupons and badges.

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