Annual Report as folded Poster

The Client

FHNW School of Business

#data design

#information design



#employer branding

#annual report

The Challenge

The School of Business sends an annual letter as an end-of-year review to its employees and stakeholders. In 2014 we were asked to design this as a visual experience. The task was to present the major accomplishments of the year in a folded poster. The emphasis was on the employees, who are the key to success at the School of Business. Simultaneously, additional data and facts should give references to degree courses, continuing education, research and consultancy services.

The Outcome

We conducted a workshop with FHNW in order to compile the relevant content for the annual review. The team collected diverse data and consolidated it through the application of algorithms. Superdot developed a new diagram type, a radar look-alike, which manifests a visual unity for all the areas of the poster. The different colors help to identify different data sets. The red shades represent students and blue is for employee related information.

The Impact

The infographic is enriched with statements from the university management. These statements serve as an entry point to the represented results and are a visual eye-catcher for the poster. Due to the many positive responses received for the 2014 annual report, HSW used the poster as an external communication medium in an enlarged printed edition in German and English.

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