Using data experience design to explore a series of augmented reality posters visualizing data on population growth, income, and CO2 emissions

The Client

Federal Statistical Office








The Challenge

For the Rosling video project, we programmed an animated 3D data visualization. We were tasked with making this visualization of 150 years of data-driven population development spatially accessible as an augmented reality experience for the participants at the Unlocking the Power of Data launching Event, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical office and the World Health Organization in Geneva.

The Outcome

The 3D data model illustrates the development of life expectancy, income, and CO2 emissions per capita in more than 150 countries. This visualization can be experienced online in the browser as augmented reality, without the need to download an app. At the event, the data experience was activated by scanning images on posters, while at home, the brochure serves this purpose.

The Impact

Conference participants had the opportunity to explore complex data interactively and playfully. Using their own smart devices, they physically moved within the spatial diagram, allowing them to intuitively gain new insights into extensive datasets. This innovative form of data presentation provided an engaging experience.

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