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Through visualization, we make complexity easy to understand. At the interface between data, design and communication, we develop strategies, concepts and design systems and implement them in print and digital products. Besides concept and design, we also offer data and content analysis, consulting and process support through workshops.

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Dashboards and reports

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Infographic annual reports

Real-time data APIs

Visual management summary

Big picture

Strategies and organizational development

Organizational transformation through visualization

Visualizing business processes

Strategy mapping

Strategy visualization

Canvas design

Data analysis and data collection

Exploratory data analysis

Content analysis

Tableau and data science

Data structuring

Survey design

Human data, soft data and big data

Data visualization and charts

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Data design

Innovative charts

Data storytelling

Interactive data visualization


Data visualization tools

Infographics and communication design

Infographic design

Illustration system



Social media content design

Content marketing

Design systems and design research

Data design system

Icon design

Atomic design

Branding guidelines for charts and infographics

Form design

MVP design

User experience design and UI design

UX design

Data experience


Web product ideation and mockups

Interaction design and wireframing

Information architecture

Frontend development and emerging technologies

Frontend development

Creative coding

AR and visualization in space

Digital transformation

Sensor data and open data


Workshops and engagement events

Visualization workshops

Data-driven decision support

Data-based participation events

Human centered design

Data literacy

Clarification workshops based on data