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A growing body of designers, developers and other creatives are finding new analogue and digital approaches to the navigation of ever-increasing complexity. How can we share ideas? What can we learn from each other about the ups and downs, competing approaches, and evolving terminology of our field?

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On Data And Design #21
Visual Systems
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Our next speakers are: Nicole Lachenmeier, Dr. Martin Lorenz and Christian Schneider I am very excited to announce the next On Data And Design event.

On Data And Design #21 – Visual Systems

Online event on thursday, June 23, 6pm CET


Watch On Data And Design #21 «Visual Systems» on Youtube


I am very excited to announce the next On Data And Design event. Not only because I have wanted Nicole Lachenmeier to speak for so long, but also because there will be an official book launch. As the topic of the evening, we will talk about the art of building visual systems. By systems we mean here components that have certain properties and are related to each other. These can result in graphics, in data visualisations or also in code.

This time we also want to toast with you in a bar in Basel one hour after the online event – 8pm. If anyone in another city would also like to informally invite people to the On Data And Design drink that day, let us know. We will pass on the info and send you some books to the location.



Nicole Lachenmeier (Basel) from Superdot Studio will finally reveal the «Modular Information Design» after two years of work. In this book presentation of «Visualizing Complexity – Modular Information Design Handbook» everything from the origin to the basic principles of the new system will be presented.

Dr. Martin Lorenz (Hamburg / Barcelona) has combined his practical experience, teaching and research at the University of Barcelona in the design manual for modern visual identities: «Flexible visual Systems». Martin will talk about his different approaches and use cases of flexible visual systems – a new mindset for designers.

Christian Schneider, (Bern / Wien) explores how data visualization makes complex data accessible, creates insights and reveals patterns. He connects data and design with code and shows the hidden beauty of data in the upcoming event. For this purpose, Christian has developed a system how programming languages can be used to make this beauty visible.


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On Data And Design lecture series on data visualization and information design

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On Data And Design – Lecture series in three cities

Since 2018 the information design agency «Superdot – visualizing complexity» is organizing «On Data and Design» meetup events in three different cities: Vienna, Basel and Berlin.

At these meetups we explore themes sitting in the overlap between data and design: data visualization, storytelling, information design, visual analysis, data science, infographics and more. We exchange insights into our working practices, tools and cultures: scrum, human-centred design, design thinking, service design and more.

Each meetup will feature two guest speakers, presenting practical reports from their projects, other cool insights and inspiration.

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On Data And Design online events broadcasted worldwide on YouTube

Some events take place online, with guests and audience from all over the world.

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Hi, my name is Darjan


In 2018 I initialized the first On Data And Design event in Vienna. Since that time we have grown into a community with over 2000 members. Do you have topics or ideas for the next event?


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