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Information Aesthetics 

For us, the key question behind any investment in visual representation is that of utility, and of benefit. From our extensive experience in the field of information design, we hold the motivating impact of aesthetics to be our most important task, and most important tool in this aim.

Do you have something for us to make beautiful?

lonza icon superdot

Robust modular icon based infographic system for global branding – for Lonza

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innofield infographic superdot

Cloud storage explanatory infographic – Innofield (today flow.swiss)

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roche icon heart

Robust modular icon based visual system for global branded communication – for Roche

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unicef illustration of child in parc

Big picture guided playful book structure on child-friendly living spaces – for Unicef

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Participation app for socially sustainable city development – for Fhnw School of Social Work

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infographic of digital commerce superdot

Animated infographic microsite on digital commerce – for Swiss Post

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infographic of transportation superdot

Interactive bubble method on the topic of sufficiency – for Präsidialdepartment Basel

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emoji brand with smileys by superdot

Emoticon based brand system – for Bildungslandschaften Basel

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