Our commitment

We engage with On Data And Design 

We have held an evening lecture series for the last few years, designed to foster knowledge, community and exchange at the intersection of design and data practice. Our free, quarterly events feature two short talks with beer, snacks and good company. Currently On Data And Design events are running in Basel, Vienna and Berlin and have a growing community over 1500 cool DataVizzers.

on data and design vortrag im suedquai superdot studio

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We engage in lectures

Since the beginning of our company we have looked to engage with people and communicate the things we do. Because our field is young, we see the need to raise awareness among people and inspire them to create information design projects. We have given many talks at companies, universities, organisations and conferences.

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You can find the complete list of talks available as videos on medium.com

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We engage with teaching and training 

Our team is motivated to empower people to participate in the field of information design themselves. For that reason we are actively teaching Information Aestethics, Information Architecture and Information Visualization at several institutions, such as the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We also offer one-day, customized training workshops for 5–10 people for organisations and teams, enabling professionals to work and think more visually.

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Have a look at our last results we achieved with students within a module of 3 weeks.

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Our track record

Teaching + Workshops

2021 ETH Zurich

Since 2020 HSLU Data Design and Art

2019/2020 HKB CAS Data Visualization

Since 2018 HSLU Digital Ideation – Studio Information Aesthetics 

2018 Jury HKB CAS Data Visualization

Since 2017 FHGR Multimedia Production – Modul Visualization 

Since 2017 FHNW HGK Mentoring Swiss Cultural Challenge

2017 Summer Workshop Visualizing AID Berlin

2016 FHNW HGK HyperWerk – The visual beauty of information

Lectures + Talks

2019 On Data And Design Vienna

2019 FHNW Hochschule für Wirtschaft

2018 HKB CAS Data Visualization

2018 United Nations Designers Talk

2018 EDCH Munich

2017 FHNW HGK Visual Communication Institute

2016 TWIAD – World Information Architecture Day Zürich

2014 ScienceComm14

2014 FHNW Campus Talk

Awards + Exhibitions

2020 Design Switzerland – Vienna Design Week

2020 Concept Grant Pro Helvetia

2018 CSS Design Award Best UI and Best Innovation

2016 Information is Beautiful Award

2016 Grafik 16, Zürich

2016 Planetary Urbanism, Quito

2015 DPA Infografik Award 

2013 Out of Balance Kritik der Gegenwart Award

2012 Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher

2006 Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher